Party Season Ready! – Glowing Skin

I’m here with some quick makeup tips and tricks to get you Party Ready!

This is the Glowing Skin Edition and follows on from my Smoky Eye post, that I shared with you recently.

Everyone loves a glowing complexion. It gives the appearance of youth and health and teamed up with a bit of sparkle and a festive lip, makes the perfect party look, ready for that Christmas do and the big NYE bash!


The real key to glowing skin is good skin care, but if you not on top of your skincare regime, there are still some things we can do to fake the glow for night out.

Let me show you how!

If you’re just here for the discount, jump to it.

Let’s start

Party Season Ready, Glowing Skin here we come…

Important first step!

Exfoliate! It is so much easier to create a glowing skin look on new skin. A gentle exfoliation will remove any dull or dead skin cells sitting on the surface layer of your skin. It will buff away dry patches and freshen up the complexion. As soon as your done exfoliating, slap on a good layer of moisturiser. For more skincare tips heading into the colder months, read my Winter Skin Rescue guide.


Apply a Dewy Primer – Hydra Veil by Illamasqua

After moisturising (and if you read my skincare guide above, hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C serums!), wait a few minutes to let it all sink in. Then go in with a glowing primer. Hydra Veil from Illamasqua is GORGEOUS! It’s a hydrator / primer hybrid that creates a dewy base that will continue to hydrate throughout the evening, meaning you’ll keep your glow longer. It contains Vitamin C and B3 for extra hydration and will smooth out the skins appearance and perfectly prepare it for your makeup application. Your foundation will glide on easier, look more flawless and last longer.

It’s all about that Base

Apply a Dewy Foundation – Beyond Foundation by Illamasqua

Give your primer just a few moments to settle before applying your base makeup. Choose a dewy finish foundation for the ultimate glowing complexion. Whether you go full coverage or barely there is purely up to you. Illamasqua’s most recent Beyond Foundation is perfect for this look! It’s dewy and silky and gives an illuminated finish. That clever Hyaluronic Acid features again, drawing water to the surface of your skin so your complexion looks fresh and glowing all day and/or night. If you’re looking for something more full coverage why not try LA Girl’s Pro Coverage HD foundation for long lasting illumination.

Light and Shade, darling!

For the ultimate stand-out glow, contour and highlight is a must. For those who are new to contour, a stick is by far the easiest route to take. And to continue with our quest for the dewiest of complexions try this Gel Sculpt by Illamasqua. It adds subtle definition so great for use with sheer foundations or for the novice contour-er. Easy to apply (literally just draw it across your skin) and blends super easily!

Then grab your brightest, see me from space highlighter to finish off the glow of all glow complexions. Choose a liquid highlighter like this Beyond one from Illamasqua. It works in harmony with the Beyond Foundation to add an extra pop of glow to the high points of your face. The lightweight formula can even be mixed into your foundation before you apply it, to create an all over dewy finish. Or wear it alone for the ultimate fresh, glowing no makeup, makeup!

Finishing Touches

Finish your look with some subtle, glowing blush (be sure to use a cream or liquid to continue the dewy theme) and whatever eye makeup you choose. Take a look at my Smoky Eye guide for some inspiration.

I would always add a matte lipstick to finish the look. Against the glow of your complexion, a matte lipstick always looks more velvety and the contrast makes it pop. If like me you love a bold lip, then Illamasqua’s Ultramatter lipstick in Maneater is perfection! I love the intense, deep red colour, perfect for the party season. Its a real statement lipstick!

Contrast with a matte lipstick – Ultramatter, Illamasqua in Maneater

If you’re worried about the longevity of your makeup, but don’t want to apply dulling powder over your finished look, then add a quick spritz of setting spray. To maintain the glow, use a dewy finish one, like this Hydra Setting Spray. It will lock in your makeup while keeping your skin looking and feeling fresh.

And there you have it – Glowing skin perfection!

Get ready to party the night away!

All the products I have mentioned and linked in this post are both Cruelty Free and Vegan. Shop Illamasqua’s full vegan list here.

Thank you to Illamasqua!

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