7 Ways To Change Up Your Hair Without Cutting It

How To Change Your Hair Without Cutting It

Hey there, beautiful people! Are you itching for a hair makeover but dread the idea of chopping off those precious locks? Fear not, because I’ve got some awesome tricks up my sleeve to help you switch up your hairstyle without reaching for the scissors. I’m showing you how to change your hair without cutting it.
We’re avoiding anything permanent and we’re keeping it low budget to show you anyone can change up their style and try something new. Perfect for when you want to trial out a big change before committing. Or just for when you’re feeling a bit ‘meh’ with your current look and need a little styling pick me up.

Lets not waste time, and dive straight in!

1. **Play with Colour:**

Who says you need a salon visit to add some pizzazz to your mane? There are loads of ways of adding a hit of colour to your hair, that your hairdresser won’t freak out over. A temporary tint, a colour enhancing shampoo, temporary hair colour spray or some funky hair chalk are all great ways to change your hair without cutting. Whether you want to rock a bold streak of purple or embrace a subtle rose gold tint, the possibilities are endless! Plus, they all wash out easily, so you can experiment without commitment. I love to go to Superdrug for this kind of thing as I find they have the biggest range of semi-permanent options and colour options. But if you want something more salon quality, a visit to Sally’s will throw up SO many fun options and their hair experts will offer you the best advise.

2. **Accessorise, Baby!:**

Accessories aren’t just for your outfits – they can totally jazz up your hair game too! From cute headbands to sparkly hair clips and trendy scarves, there’s something for every style and occasion. Channel your inner boho goddess with a floral crown or add a touch of glamour with a statement hairpin. Trust me, you’ll be turning heads wherever you go!

change your hair without cutting it by accessorising
change your hair without cutting it by accessorising

3. **Get Creative with Braids:**

Plaits aren’t just for schoolgirls and gym sessions – they’re a versatile hairstyle that can instantly elevate your look. Adding a trendy braid down the centre of your head, or even a small braid on one side can feel like you’ve really changed up your usual ‘always down’ style. Or why not try out a classic French braid, a sleek fishtail, or a chic braided bun, you’ll be amazed at how easily you can transform your locks. Plus, YouTube is chock-full of tutorials to help you master the art of braiding like a pro!

4. **Pump Up the Volume:**

If your hair falls flat faster than a failed soufflé, it’s time to give it a boost! Invest in a good quality volumising mousse, dry shampoo or root powder to add texture and oomph to your tresses. Or, why not treat yourself to a salon blow dry for locked in volume for up to 1 week. Say hello to luscious locks that defy gravity!

5. **Embrace the Power of Heatless Styling:**

change your hair without cutting it with heatless curlers

Who needs hot tools when you can achieve gorgeous curls and waves without subjecting your hair to heat damage? Experiment with heatless styling techniques like overnight braids, twisted buns, or foam rollers. I’ve seen people achieve amazing voluminous hair with socks and dressing gown belts! Simply prep your hair before bed, sleep like a queen, and wake up to effortlessly glamorous locks. It’s like magic, but better! Again, YouTube or any social channel will have loads of demos you can follow if you need a little guidance.

6. **Fake the Chop**

There are some clever tutorials around, showing you how to pin your hair to make it look like you’ve braved the chop! Great for a fun change every now and then, but also perfect as a test run to see if you really like your hair shorter. A great way to change your hair without cutting it. Head to YouTube and type in the search ‘How to fake short hair’ or ‘Faux bob tutorial’ and you’ll find hundreds of examples!

7. **Lengthen those Locks**

Why not try some clip in extensions to add some length and/or volume. Super easy to apply yourself and available in a variety of lengths. Some places like Hair By Duboux offer a full bespoke colour matching & cutting service so you can be sure to get an exact match. While others like have a selection to choose from straight off their website. 
For something fun and even quicker, why not try a clip in ponytail. Effortless, style changing and applied in just a few seconds! The ones I have (Irresistible Me) came from America (in just 4 days!) and are cheaper than I could find in the UK.

So there you have it, my fellow hair enthusiasts – seven easy-peasy budget friendly ways to switch up your hairstyle without reaching for the scissors. Who knew it was so easy to change your hair without cutting! Remember, the key to a fabulous mane is confidence, so own your look and rock it with pride! Who knows, you might just inspire others to unleash their inner hair goddess too.

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