I Tried The Viral Garnier Vitamin C Daily UV Brightening Fluid Sheer Glow SPF50 For A Week – Here’s My Thoughts

The Garnier Vitamin C SPF50 Glow is EVERYWHERE right now. I got my hands on it and have been wearing it every day for a full week, and have some thoughts.

Firstly I want to confirm to my cruelty free gang that yes, Garnier is now a cruelty free brand. They announced their new cruelty free status in 2021 after some serious work with Cruelty Free International and are now universally recognised as cruelty free and have the Leaping Bunny logo proudly displayed on their packaging. What’s more 99% of their products are vegan and they have pledged that by 2025 all their electricity and gas usage in their plants and distribution centres will be carbon neutral. So they really have been putting in the work!

Garnier Vitamin C Daily UV Brightening Fluid Sheer Glow SPF50 is vegan!


Why did I want to try out the Garnier Vitamin C SPF50 Glow? Well, I don’t actually think I could have avoided it. It is everywhere. On all the socials, all the campaigns, all my makeup groups are praising it. And I just HAD to know what all the fuss was about, and if the hype was actually valid!

I picked mine up in Boots as they had a promo on for Advantage Card holders, and I paid £9. £9!! Now that is a pretty beautiful price for something that promises Vitamin C brightening skin care, SPF50 protection and a sheer skin glow!
The accessibility of this product does make it very appealing. An affordable price point and can be picked up online in places like Lookfantastic (don’t forget to use my discount code LFTFNICHOLAW) and TikTok shop, or on the high street. I’ve seen it in Boots, Superdrug and even my local Tesco! You can add it to your online grocery shop at Sainsburys. You literally can’t avoid it!

So What Is It Like?

My initial thoughts when applying Garnier Vitamin C SPF50 Glow for the first time was that it is quite fluid. Not thick like most sunscreens tend to be, and very easy to apply with just your fingers. It didn’t feel greasy, just very smooth and light.
I did notice a scent, which I hadn’t expected. Not over powering at all, in fact I really like it! It’s a very light, slightly citrusy scent. A ‘pretty’ smell if that makes sense. Definitely not your usual tropical holidays SPF smell! And it disappears very quickly. I’m not usually a fan of perfume in products, but this one doesn’t offend me. However it is something to note if you are sensitive to perfumes.

The glow from the Garnier Vitamin C SPF50 Glow is lovely! It’s not too much. It’s not going to be spotted from space like the cosmic highlighters that were all the rage a couple of years back. Plus, it is warm. So it add a sun-kissed glow to the skin, but it has no tinted pigment, so suitable for all skin shades. It isn’t greasy or oily looking.
Skin just looks super healthy and fresh. We love that!

One thing I have noticed after wearing it for a week is that I don’t find the glow lasts as long as I would like. Don’t get me wrong, my skin definitely has a healthy hue to it all day, but the glow does seem to deplete as the day goes on.
Having said that, the Garnier Vitamin C SPF50 Glow is PERFECT under makeup. It’s a great base. No pilling, no separating. And if you tend to wear sheer makeup like BB or CC creams, or even light coverage foundations, you’ll get that lovely glow peeking through. It’s beautiful.

The Protection Factor

Do you know how much SPF you should be wearing on your face to give it full protection from the sun? It’s probably more than you would expect. A great way to measure out the right amount of sunscreen is to apply two fingers worth of your SPF product to your face and neck. Draw a line of product from the base of your fingers, to the tip.
While this works for sunscreen, this would likely be more than you would need in other makeup base products. Remember that whilst Garnier Vitamin C SPF50 Glow does give you a gorgeous sheer glow, and evens out your skin tone, it still needs to be treated like the SPF that it is, and not makeup. You still need to use the correct amount and this may feel like you’re applying too much.

How I’ve Been Wearing It

I love natural glowing skin. So I have been wearing this as my only base. It goes on so well on top of my moisturiser. Then I’ve been applying my Charlotte Tilbury Colour Correcting Under Eye to dilute the dark circles and brighten my under eyes. I’ve then popped my usual ELF Camo Hydrating Concealer anywhere I need it and set just those area with a very light layer of Hourglass Translucent Powder.
Then I apply my usual brow pencil, mascara and a liquid blush. Plus a coloured balm on my lips. So simple and really quick. The Garnier Vitamin C SPF50 Glow has saved me SO much time in the mornings!

To summarise, Garnier Vitamin C SPF50 Glow is a blooming lovely product! I am really enjoying using it. Its fast, simple, offers high protection and skincare, looks great and is extremely affordable. Would I re-purchase? Absolutely! And I’ll be encouraging my clients to grab one too.

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